What is GST & How GST will Impact on Real Estate in India

India’s government has already provided the much-needed impetus to strengthen the real estate sector and boost the home buyer’s dream of Housing over the past seven months.
Some of the steps taken in the recent past years are like Demonetization, RERA act, Pradhan Mantri awaas yojna and GST has also been added to the list.
The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on March 29, 2017 announced the much-awaited Central Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, Integrated GST Bill and that it is implemented on July 1, […]


Real Estate Calls to Action

To make a point, we did something a little different on this post…we started it with a call to action.
Calls to action are commonly ignored, rarely tested and one of the most under-appreciated elements of a real estate website.
For these reasons, the goals of this article will be to (1) teach you how important strong calls to action are and (2) give you the steps and tips needed to start creating, testing and optimizing your real estate calls to […]


How to Nurture Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

As you should know by now, just having a website will never guarantee that you will generate business from it. On that same note, just getting lots of traffic, and even attracting a good amount of leads, does not mean that you will actually get new clients either.
Successful lead generation campaigns – ones that produce actual business – must be comprised of all of these elements; a great website, a strategic traffic generation campaign, strong calls to action and […]


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